We want to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.
To that end, please confirm your agreement with each of our EPX core values that follow:

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Live an Interesting Life

I refuse to wait longer to live an amazing life full of experiences and adventure. My time is now.

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Experiences over things

No one has infinite income. I will spend mine on things that make me happy; on things that become part of who I am and always will be.

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Happiness Conquers All

Happiness is more important than money. It feeds my emotional independence and makes me a better friend, parent, partner and leader.

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We move mountains

I understand fellow members can help me accelerate my business success and I pledge myself to assisting another member with the same whenever possible.

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Radical self reliance

I am responsible for my own logistics, problem resolution and happiness. I will never negatively affect another member’s experience.

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If accepted you will be part of a very exclusive community!

  • A member who swam the Atlantic Ocean and now the Pacific
  • A professional race car driver
  • Several billionaires
  • F-16 pilots, drone pilots, wingsuit pilots, space shuttle pilots
  • A member who sailed the world alone for 8 years
  • A professional tennis player
  • A member who holds the human record for walks in space
  • The youngest American to summit all 7 mountains
  • Many successful entrepreneurs, some also in EO, YPO, Summit and more!
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Almost there!

EPX is about being active.
If accepted, you will:

  • Have exclusive access to any EPX member
  • Speed success with valuable vault videos
  • Gain access to EPX expeditions, events, takeovers & more
  • Be granted a membership term of one year
  • Cover nominal annual community feer

Welcome to accelerated business success and a powerful family of adventuring friends.

Ready to be inspired?

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Congratulations! You’re taking the first step in maxing out life and business with an EPX membership.

A membership with EPX is transformational in all aspects of your life. We’re hip. We’re fun. We’re adventurous. And we’re a family in every sense of the word.

Please take a few moments to share some basic business information with us. If approved, the next stage of the application process will entail professional strengths and social personality preferences.

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